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Scotty Landscape Supply LLC is locally owned and operated, providing landscaping supplies and service to communities across Northeast Wisconsin. We live and work in the Sheboygan, WI area, so we know the particular challenges customers face in our geographical climate. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the landscaping solutions to fit your needs and vision. Together with our hardscape services, adding mulch to your flower beds, planters, and around your landscape will add visual appeal to your outdoor space.

Mulch in Sheboygan, WI

Using mulch in your flower beds, around the base of trees, and in landscaping has many benefits. Mulches help soil retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and helps suppress weed growth. There are many varieties of mulch to choose from and each has its own aesthetic and practical benefits. There are many benefits to adding mulch to your garden or landscaping. Mulching improves the health of your garden by controlling weed growth, and preventing soil erosion from wind and water. Not only does using it across your yard or garden create a more unified look, it can save you time and energy later. With the right amount of mulch, you will not have to spend as much time watering or weeding your garden.

Our selection of mulches includes, but is not limited to:

For more information about our selection of mulches, pricing, and mulching applications, please contact us today by filling out our contact form, stopping by our location, or calling us at 920-452-1925.